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Top reasons to choose Toshiba Business Notebooks

We all know how frustrating it can be when technology gets in the way of work: whether it's a laptop that's too fragile to be mobile, or an intermittent Wi-Fi connection that makes it impossible to work on the go. At Toshiba, we consider these headaches that life and technology can throw at you - and equip our laptops to cope. Highly Accelerated Lifecycle Testing (HALT) ensures our laptops can handle the rigours of the working world, exclusive Toshiba technology: EasyGuard™ features to provide innovative solutions for your data security, system protection and overall ease of use! Not to mention advanced connectivity features, such as Toshiba's unique ConfigFree™, mean you can easily get connected and stay connected. And because every job role brings its own unique challenges and requirements, the Toshiba business laptop range offers a breadth of features to please you every need.


the more time you spend working remotely, the more you'll value features such as extended battery life, lightweight design, and Mobile Broadband.


for users that use resource-hungry applications, we offer top-end processors, high memory capacity, and the latest graphics cards.


for users who travel a lot, features such as a strengthened chassis and spill-resistant keyboard offer valuable peace of mind.


for users who are always on the go, features like Mobile Broadband, multiple ports, and advanced docking will save them time when connecting to devices and networks.

Security & Safety

keep your data safe with integrated hardware features such as the SmartCard Reader and Fingerprint Reader. Your hard drive is protected by a 3D HDD Sensor that dynamically detects free falls, shock or vibration in all directions.

Toshiba's Direct Methanol Fuel Cell officially certified as world's smallest by Guinness World Records, 2006 edition

Guinness World Records has officially certified Toshiba Corporation - the world leader in fuel-cell technology for handheld electronic devices - its highly compact direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) as the worlds smallest DMFC. Designed for integration into devices as small as digital music players, Toshiba's DMFC is only 22 x 56 x 4.5mm (maximum of 9.1mm with fuel tank). This size advantage offers greater design freedom to developers of handheld electronic devices, without any compromises in performance. Although small enough for integration into a wireless headset for mobile phones, the prototype is efficient enough to power an MP3 music player for as long as 20 hours on a single 2cc charge of highly concentrated methanol. The DMFC outputs 100 milliwatts of power, and can continue to do so, non-stop, for as long as users top up its integrated fuel tank-a process that is as simple as it is safe.

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Guinness World Records, 2006 edition, certifies Toshiba's elevator as the world's fastest

Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corp. (TELC) has developed and installed the world's fastest passenger elevator in the world's tallest building, Taipei 101, in Taipei, Taiwan. This elevator runs at a speed of 1,010 meters per minute or 60.6km per hour and has been officially certified by Guinness World Records in its 2006 edition. Soaring 508 meters, Taipei 101 is now the worlds tallest building. It is called Taipei 101 because it has 101 above-ground floors, as well as five underground floors. TELC has installed 61 elevators and 50 escalators in Taipei 101, including two elevators that run at 1,010 meters per minute (60.6 kilometers per hour), the world's fastest, and 34 double-deck elevators. The principal new technologies include: The world's first pressure control system to adjust atmospheric pressure inside a car; An active control system to cancel car vibrations; Optimized configuration of the streamlined car to reduce noise.

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