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Sony Battery Pack Voluntary Replacement Program

On September 28, 2006 Sony announced a global replacement program for certain battery packs that are used in portable computers.

Sony confirmed to Toshiba that the subject Sony batteries used in certain Toshiba portable computers are not subject to the same problem that caused the recent recalls issued by Dell and Apple. The Toshiba system design and the protection system in those Toshiba portable computers are different than those of Dell and Apple. We have confirmed that the system design issue identified by Sony in the overheating incidents in Dell and Apple computers is not present in those Toshiba portable computers. After the announcement by Sony Corporation, and in order to ensure customer satisfaction, Toshiba is participating in Sony's global battery pack replacement program and is offering Toshiba customers free replacement of certain battery packs identified by Sony. This offer extends only to replacement of the subject Sony battery packs, and does not include replacement of any Toshiba computer. The subject Sony battery packs will be replaced free of charge.

Note 1: As several companies participate in Sony's battery pack replacement program, supply of battery packs is quite tight. It may take some time to deliver the replacement battery packs to customers. We would appreciate your understanding.

Subject Sony Battery Packs in Toshiba Portable Computers
The subject battery packs identified by Sony were included in certain of the following Toshiba portable computer models. Only some - not all - of the battery packs used in these models are subject to Sony's global battery pack replacement program:

Model NameModel Number

Battery packs included with other models of Toshiba portable computers are not subject to this program, and are not eligible for replacement under this program.

If you have an Optional Battery Pack listed below, please check the battery pack using BatteryCheck utility software.


Stop Here if You Do Not Have a Matching Computer
If your computer is not among the models listed above, then please ignore the remainder of this document and any other material regarding this Sony Battery Pack Voluntary Replacement Program.

If you have a matching computer, the remainder of this document will explain how to determine whether you actually have the subject battery pack which is eligible for free replacement.

Battery Pack Identification
If you own one or more of the Toshiba computer models above, then please determine whether the subject battery packs are actually installed in your computer. The easiest and most accurate way to make this determination is with Toshiba's BatteryCheck utility software. The BatteryCheck utility software will identify whether the subject battery pack is installed in your Toshiba portable computer. If a subject battery pack is identified, please contact the nearest Toshiba Authorized Service Center for battery replacement. You can search for the nearest Toshiba Authorized Service Center at

You are advised to contact Toshiba Authorized Service Center prior to your visit for battery replacement. Upon receiving confirmation from the service center, please bring along your Toshiba computer and the subject battery pack for free battery pack replacement. Click the following link to download the Toshiba's BatteryCheck utility software , then run it and follow the simple on-screen instructions

If you do not want to download and use the BatteryCheck utility software, you may wish to choose to follow the instructions in the Manual Battery Pack Identification document  document to visually determine whether you have a subject battery pack, and to then obtain the Battery Model Name and Battery Serial Number. This manual method requires that you remove the battery pack from the computer, and then visually match identification numbers on the battery pack's identification label with those listed in the Manual Battery Pack Identification document. Note that this visual identification may produce an inaccurate result. It is possible that visual identification may indicate that the battery pack should be replaced, but the BatteryCheck utility software indicates that the battery pack does not need to be replaced. If the results of these two identification methods do not match, the utility software result (not the visual result) is accurate. Use of the utility software is the preferred and recommended method to perform battery pack identification.

If you would like more information about the Sony Battery Pack Voluntary Replacement Program, please read our frequently asked questions document.
If you require more help, please call Toshiba Customer Support Center at Tel: +62 21 2550 8275

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