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Public Notice on HDD Encryption Software Compatibility

Some models of PC, in the list of the Subject Models below, may encounter a problem when any of the following HDD encryption software is installed and starts the encryption process. Because of the compatibility of the Software and BIOS, in some instances, the PC stops functioning.

List of Software identified are:

  • » Toshiba Smart Data Encryption
  • » McAfee Endpoint Encryption (old name: SafeBoot Encryption)
  • » WinMagic SecureDoc

Toshiba recommends end users to upgrade the BIOS to avoid this software non-compatibility situation. New versions of BIOS are released for end users to download and upgrade. If you have already encountered the situation where PC stops functioning and you are unable to upgrade to the latest version of BIOS, please contact Toshiba Authorized Service Center for assistance.

Toshiba would like to thank you for selecting our products and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

List of the Subject Models

Satellite/Satellite Pro L510/L515/L517(with BIOS before version 1.30)
Satellite/Satellite Pro L500/L505/L507(with BIOS before version 1.30)
Satellite L640/L645, Satellite Pro L640/L645(with BIOS before version 1.40)
Satellite L650/L655, Satellite Pro L650/L655(with BIOS before version 1.40)
Satellite L650, Satellite Pro L650(with BIOS before version 1.20)
Satellite C650, Satellite Pro C6505(with BIOS before version 1.20)
Satellite E200/E205(with BIOS before version 1.20)
Satellite L640D/L645D, Satellite Pro L640D/L645D(with BIOS before version 1.50)

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