A revolution in personal notebooks, this is the trustworthy companion you need to attain your personal goals. Making new waves with our breakthrough thin and light full-performance notebook is the Toshiba Ultrabook™ - the epitome of immaculate craftsmanship and efficient performance.

Ideal for people who love:

  • Ultra Thin, Ultra Light
  • Full Connectivity
  • Long Battery Life

Toshiba recommends Windows.

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Introducing innovations with reliability, quality and style, Toshiba redefines mobility and technology with our latest Ultrabook™ family that revolutionises your computing experience with Intel Technology. Make way only for the best in class performance and aesthetics - the Portégé Z10t and the Satellite U840t Ultrabook™. Expect nothing short of stylish designs and state-of-the-art technologies that effectively cater to your changing preferences.