Move in rhythm and style with the Toshiba netbook series that offers compact and colourful computing for all. With a choice of 6 sensational colours and rich features like Harman Kardon® speakers*, Toshiba offers the netbook that sounds good as it looks.

Ideal for people who love:

  • Extreme compactness & mobility
  • Multimedia features
  • Light-weight computing

Toshiba recommends Windows.

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Looking for a lightweight companion that shouts style without cramping your style? One that is ideal for surfing, emailing, or keeping up with your social life on Facebook and Twitter? Our award-winning line of netbooks will help you be in touch with the things that are close to your heart - anytime, anywhere.
Thanks to an excellent built-in HSPA suite* which allows for seamless web connectivity, your social networking life is further enriched. A noteworthy feature of the Netbook is its exceptional battery life. With the Flush Hi-Cap 6-cell battery, your Netbook can last up to 11 hours* on a single charge. This means fast-paced individuals like you can have peace-of-mind while cruising on the road!
* Only available on selected models