Personal Computing

  • Get to know Windows 10Pro
    Intel® Core™ i7 processor

Toshiba recommends Windows.

  • Qosmio

    Game And Conquer
  • Portégé

    Supreme Portability, Extreme Mobility
  • Satellite

    Great All-Rounder
  • Ultrabook™

    Ultra thin, Ultra light & Ultra responsive
  • All-In-One PC

    Connects all. Everything built-in. Just need one.
  • Tablet

    As Performance Driven As You
Your choice of a notebook reflects who you are an individual. It's all about your preferred choices. Your personal needs. Your preferred performance requirements. Your preferred features and enhancements. Your preferred style. With all the time you'll be spending with your personal companion in computing, you deserve nothing more than the finest.

The right notebook with matching renowned technology can help you achieve your computing needs in life; whether you're looking to astound with superior enhanced multi-media features, dazzle with supreme style, provide for your family's needs with resilience and reliability or create the least amount of impact to conserve the environment.

All these along with attentive Toshiba technologies such as EasyGuard™ Technology to protect from shocks, spills and data loss and a PC Health Monitor that helps in keeping your notebook in tip top condition, you'll realize that when it comes to personal computing, Toshiba puts YOU at the forefront.