Green PC

Realizing Our Vision of Enhanced Quality of Life
in Harmony with the Earth


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Advances in technology, manufacturing and products
bring a new style to people and society

For individuals, our eco-concious products create value and help to realize richer,
more diverse lifestyles, while reducing impacts on the global environment.

For society, our advances in power systems, sophisticated transmission networks and
essential infrastructure systems secure new levels of convenience, safety and security,
while contributing to the realization of a greener planet Earth.

Toshiba is eco style
Committed to a better environment,
a better world, for people everywhere

Three Approaches at the Heart of Toshiba eco style

  • We deploy highly efficient manufacturing facilities and processes that minimize environmental impacts. Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are promoted through advanced clean rooms and by highly energy efficient production facilities, even extending to LED lightning.

  • In product development we aim for the world's highest levels of environmental performance, and we meet society's expectations by applying the latest technologies to the creation of sophisticated products and services.

  • We contribute to the greening of the planet with low-carbon power generation technologies. We provide solutions that meet the twin goals of stable power supply and global warming mitigation by promoting nuclear power generations and solar photovoltaic systems, innovative rechargeable batteries, Smart Grids, and carbon dioxide capture and storage.