Welcome to the world of Pala-chan! Pala-chan was created in the pristine tropical paradise of the Palau Islands. The creators of this imaginary white and amicable male character are his parents, Pala-Papa and Pala-Mama. Pala-chan exudes its amicable charm and adorable persona to all around him with his friendly and cheerful disposition. He has a girlfriend called Papu-chan who was born in the Papua New Guinea. Pala-chan and Papu-chan also have a whale of good friend, Kujiran.

Must Have Gadgets
  • Pala-chan / Papu-chan / Kujiran USB Flash Drive 4GB

    Add a dash of fun to your desktop with Pala-chan series of USB Flash drives (4GB).

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  • Pala-chan / Papu-chan / Kujiran Optical Mouse

    Pala-chan Mouse Series now also upgraded with Blue LED Technology for precise cursor performance.

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